well camera systems

minCam´s well camera systems were developed for optical inspection of water wells and measuring test points. Beginning with a camera head diameter of 13mm, the well camera systems can be used for the smallest areas. According to customers´s desire, they can be equipped with meter counter and digital video fade in, with a digital video recorder and/or text generator, next to different monitors and BNC video out for PC connection. Notebook or PC can replace the monitor and gives the operator the opportunity to work with the opropriate software to create protocols and digital viewers.
  • Combo CU

    control unit for
    different cable drums and length
    Combo control unit
    CU TFTP8docuBy minCam
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  • cable drums

    for 50m cable up to 550m
    motorized of hand driven
    cable drum
    small and light weightBy minCam
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  • camera heads

    for wells from 40 to 400mm
    water tightness up to 60bar
    camera head
    light intensiveBy minCam
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  • small well cameras

    for wells up to 100m depth
    small, compact robust
    small well camera
    mobile and compactBy minCam
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about minCam GmbH

dedicated to design and produce one of the smallest cameras for industrial, drain and well inspection, minCam now starts to launch one of the smallest pan&tilt camera heads


camera software

WinCan . . . . . . . . PIPEX

minREC . . . . . . . . POSM

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